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Are you looking to save time and make your voiceover business stand out on social media? Voice Actor Resources has the perfect solution — premade, customizable graphic Canva templates. Our templates give you a great foundation for creating stunning visuals that are sure to impress your followers.


Get started in 5 easy steps

1. Place your order.

2. Create a free Canva account.

3. Follow the link in your order confirmation email to open your templates.

4. Follow our detailed instructions to instantly change the colors and fonts across all graphics to match your own unique branding.

5. Fill in the graphics with your own content, images, and logos, and upload them to social media. 


Voila! You have a unique and professional-looking graphics that will make your feed stand out from the competition.

Get 44 customizable graphic templates for 15 types of posts:


  • 2 services

  • 1 sale/discount

  • 3 audio showcase

  • 2 video showcase

  • 3 this or that


  • 4 testimonial

  • 5 list/tips/checklist

  • 3 educational

  • 5 image

  • 3 large text

  • 3 Q&A

  • 1 reminder

  • 5 holiday

  • 1 schedule

Social Media Graphic Templates

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