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Content Ideas

Win Back Time with 150 Content Ideas for Entrepreneurial Voice Actors.

Tired of spending hours coming up with fresh content ideas for your blog, website, or social media channels?


Us, too. That's why Voice Actor Resources has crafted a simple solution that will help you craft engaging content and win time back.

From a studio tour and sharing your favorite audition tip, to recommending your favorite book and posting a picture of your best friend (your pet), our pdf of 150 recommended topic ideas takes the guesswork out of finding something new to write and post about.

Content ideas can be repurposed for a variety of mediums. For example, you can use the same topic idea to create:


  • A blog post or article on your website

  • A video tutorial or Q&A session posted to social media and YouTube

  • A social media caption

  • An infographic shared across your channels

  • A podcast episode

  • An email newsletter with additional tips and resources

  • A webinar or virtual seminar for your followers and clients

  • A downloadable PDF guide, cheat sheet, or worksheet to share with your community or potential clients

  • A press release to promote a new service or highlight a success

  • An invitation to an upcoming event

  • A guest post on another website or blog


Our topic recommendations will help you come up with engaging content that’s sure to entertain, educate, and inspire your followers. We focus on topics that are specific to voice acting and entrepreneurship but have a universal appeal.

Get your list of 150 awesome content ideas.


How to use our content ideas

Each content idea can be used as a jumping off point for your website, blog, social media pages, newsletter, and other marketing materials. These content ideas can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field and keep your audience engaged over time.

Why you need 150 content ideas:

Win time back and get the creative juices flowin'.

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