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How can voice actors showcase their skills and talent?

With a professional, well-crafted resume. Creating a standout resume takes time and effort, but Voice Actor Resources makes it easier with its done-for-you templates.

Why use a voice acting resume?

A voice acting resume allows talent to showcase their experience and portfolio to potential clients, conveying a professional image that stands out from the competition. With Voice Actor Resources'  resume templates, you can have an instantly impressive resume in no time.

These templates are easy to customize in Canva, so you can simply match them to your own branding by adding your own photos, brand colors, text, and more. Each resume includes sections for your contact information, education and training, notable jobs and clients, and awards and achievements. All you need to do is fill in the document with your own experience and portfolio items. And when it's finished, simply save the document as a PDF and send it off along with your demos, or upload it to your website.


Your order includes access to all 4 resume templates!

Easy peasy.

Fillable Resume Templates

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